Teacher Training Certificate

The Ministry-Certified Teacher Training Certificate

The American Educational Institute offers the Ministry-certified Teacher Training Certificate that is always in high demand. The program is designed for students desiring to become preschool, elementary, or lower-intermediate teachers no matter if they hold a university degree or not. The program handles in-depth material related to the psychology of learning, instructional planning, student assessment, cooperative learning, and classroom management & dynamics.

The program extends over a period of ten months and is certified by the Lebanese Ministry of Education. Register now and acquire the ability to greatly impact the lives of individuals.

Who Qualifies for the Teacher Training Certificate?

The certificate is designed for those interested in teaching pre-school, elementary, or lower-intermediate classes who do not hold a university degree or diploma. However, these candidates must satisfy the English language proficiency requirements set by the American Educational Institute.

  • Certified by the Lebanese Ministry of Education
  • No university degree needed
  • Ten-month program
  • Morning & Evening sessions available
  • All-encompassing
  • Ability to teach from preschool to lower-intermediate classes

Annual Program

  • EDU 101 - Principles and Issues of Education
  • EDU 102 - The Psychology of Learning
  • EDU 103 - Instructional Planning
  • EDU 104 - Cooperative Learning
  • EDU 105 - Classroom Management
  • EDU 106 - Classroom Dynamics
  • EDU 107 - Educative Assessment
  • EDU 108 - Educational Training
  • EDU 109 - Real-time Teaching (Elementary Level)

Methodology Courses

  • EDU 110 - Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  • EDU 111 - Teaching of Arabic & Social Studies
  • EDU 112 - Teaching of Science & Mathematics


Upon sufficient completion of the program, the student receives a certificate issued from the American Educational Institute and certified by the Ministry of Education


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