Business Development Partners – How to become one.

Partners are essential to our business and that is why, at AEI, we have given considerable time and attention to our Business Development Partner Program (BDPP).

The Business Development Partner Program is oriented towards companies that wish to market and sell our University and School Management Solutions.

AEI is continuously investing in developing the BDPP to ensure a strong progressive business relationship with our Partners and assure they have the right tools and are well equipped to deliver superior service and solutions to their customers.

The BDPP aims to help you penetrate the market and outreach competitors through well developed presentation tools and support material.

In addition, the program supports you in achieving a higher level of performance and encourages commitment by introducing the Bridge BDPP formula.

The BDPP is oriented towards established Educational Service Providers, Educational Product Providers, or towards Information Technology and Systems Integration Companies who have the experience, human and financial capabilities, and resources to market, sell, and support AEI Solutions. The BDPP is also oriented towards publisher representative and educational consultants. However any company wishing to become our BDP should be currently offering (nor do so in the future) any competitive solution to AEI. The intent from BDPP is not to develop a large number of resellers, but to develop a small number of business partners that are very well focused, knowledgeable, and committed to our vision and mission and to AEI as a product.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy behind the development of AEI is that "We do not sell software solutions, we provide Educational Management Solutions and Knowledge ”.

The primary driver of any successful Educational Institution is not the technology, but people and the knowledge they contribute.

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We are committed to providing the most efficient and innovative solutions in the market


We set only the highest standards for our work by being members of the most credible international awarding bodies in the world


We aim to offer consistency and predictability in offering quality solutions based on the highest standards in the industry


Transparency, integrity, and fairness are at the core of our company. This is what has put the trust of over 70 organizations in our company


Complete collaboration and cooperation with our clients is a cornerstone of our policy aimed to ensure trust, loyalty, and synergy

Social Responsibility

Our mission and reason for being is the commitment to serve our community and region in the most effective manner as possible